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Refinance Mortgages

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Refinance mortgage loans of the safest type

This refinance article will let you know which types of commercial refinance loans are the "safest" for you to get.

The open loan, the fixed rate loan and the short term loan are all real "safe" types of refinance loans to get for your commercial real estate. You can also get an 'ultra-safe' combo of all of those loan types.

Open commercial refinance mortgage loan

Being open is good, everyone knows that. So it's no shock that having a refinance loan that's open is a good thing. Open commercial mortgage loans are safe - safer than their opposite, the "closed mortgages."

By getting an open commercial refinance mortgage loan, you'll be able to pay off a chunk of your mortgage for free, or completely pay it off for free whenever you have the inkling to do so. So what?

Say you made a good profit from a business deal you closed, and you wanted to pay-off your mortgage on your commercial property because it'll save a ton of cash (cause you'll own your property). If you had a "closed" mortgage on your commercial real estate, you'd have to pay a substantial fee just to pay off your refinance mortgage loan. Eeew.

So to play it safe in the refinance-mortgage-world: refinance with a commercials open mortgage loan.

Apply now! Fill out the commercial mortgage application.

Fixed rate commercial refinance mortgage loan

This type of refinance loan - the fixed rate mortgage loan - is a fairly safe mortgage type to get. Why?

With a rate that's "fixed" it means you're getting a commercial refinance loan that will have the "same rate" for your entire term length. Versus: the adjustable rate loan - that has a rate that is always shifting up or down with the economy's prime rate. You can't see the future. You can't know the future state of the economy, or where it's "prime rate" will bounce to. And a bouncing prime rate, which is what the adjustable rate is based on, makes the adjustable rate mortgage just a little bit uncertain/radioactive.

So what to do? Instead of an adjustable rate loan, get yourself a fixed rate refinance loan - so you can feel safer by holding on to one constant rate for your entire commercial mortgage term.

Get your refinance mortgage today: just fill out the commercial mortgage application.

Short term commercial refinance mortgage loan

Another safe type of refinance mortgage loan, is the "short term" one.

By choosing a refinance mortgage loan with a term that's 1-5 years in length (as opposed to a term length of 6-25 years), you won't have to be stuck with the same commercial mortgage, and it's same payments, and it's same rate for very long.

With a short term commercial refinance loan, you'll have peace of mind knowing that if the economy changes abruptly in the near future, or your income changes, that your mortgage-term's end is never too far around the corner. So what? It means you'll always know you can 'revamp/refinance' your current commercial mortgage a.s.a.p - cause your term is never long, it's always short.

And knowin' you can get out of a commitment real soon if it turns sour for you is not only "safe," it's priceless.

Apply online for a refinance loan now!

Combo of all of the above

Although it's not always possible, depending on your refinance situation, you could get the following supremely-safe refinance mortgage loan "combo:"

A "fixed rate" "short term" "open" - refinance mortgage-loan. Ta-da!

With this type of commercial refinance mortgage loan, you would have a rate that's fixed for your entire mortgage term. And the term length would be anywhere from 1 to 5 years. And you would NOT have to pay any fees if you decided to pay off a chunk of your commercial mortgage, or pay it out before your term was up. And that's called: "super-safe-refinancing."

Apply for a refinance mortgage today!

Get more info about commercial refinance mortgage loans, by contacting The Mortgage Store Online's brokers. Just use the refinance contact form or call them at 1-866-674-0548.

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